This video is the confluence of timely things.  It was made by my friend (who seems to enjoy being online-mysterious) and so, I won’t be linking you to his official website.  The following sources were involved in the creation of the above:
– a Neruda poemNo Hay Olvido (Sonata)
– “F.T.A. in the Philippines” (1971) and
– Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson

Si me preguntais de donde vengo, tengo que conversar con cosas rotas, Should you ask me where I come from, I must talk, with broken things,
con utensilios demasiado amargos, with fairly painful utensils,
con grandes bestias a menudo podridas with great beasts turned to dust as often as not
y con mi acongojado corazon. and my afflicted heart.

– an excerpt from Neruda’s “No Hay Olvido (Sonata)

Being a fresh arrival from the Philippines, what resonates in me when I listen to this song is how lonely it is to keep a remarkable experience to oneself.  Upon my return, there are just things that I don’t know how to share with people, no matter how well I rehearse its articulation.  No matter how many hours I spend pulling words that have been tugging at me for months, I cannot budge.

And the footage makes me so happy and upset at the same time.  It makes me think about the distance created by governments, imaginary borders, and economic migration.  The distance between myself and an arkipelago, reminds me that the history I inherited is not my own, and how I am resentful that I have been designated this strange life.  When I get this feeling, I throw myself into the the great wonder: what version of myself would I have become had I never left San Antonio Valley, Sucat, Parañaque?


ps:  R, so glad you were able to create! 🙂


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